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21 Day Journey Through Sacred Soul Symbols


Join me on a 21-day Journey through Sacred Soul Symbols 

A unique  opportunity to experience the potent frequencies of Sacred Soul Symbols, as we journey through 21 clearings and activations utilizing these multidimensional technologies and healing tools to dissolve painful patterns and create a new optimal reality.

* With a TRUE Value of $987, your investment for this life-altering experience is just $197

Day 1- We will create a powerful container to work within, and set individual intentions for what you are dissolving and what you are calling in for the 21-Days using the Vessel Symbol

Day 2- Working with the intentions you set in Day 1, we will use the Root of the Issue Symbol to begin unwinding your blocks to creating this desired experience in your life 

Day 3- Bringing the healing into painful patterns that are keeping you stuck and trapped in unwanted experiences using the Pattern Disconnect Symbol.

Day 4- Taking the healing into your ancestral line, we will use the Family of Origin Symbol to dissolve trauma, patterns and programming you took on through your ancestral lineage that are affecting your ability to bring the intentions you set in Day 1 to fruition

Day 5- Bringing the healing into your Emotional Body, we will work with the Emotional Body Symbol to clear out old, dense emotions that are preventing you from rising up into a higher frequency, and activate positive emotions in your field 

Day 6- Now bringing the healing into your Mental  Body, we will work with the Mental Body Symbol to clear outdated beliefs, thought forms and loops of fear, activating positive, supportive new beliefs.

Day 7- Going deeper with the healing, we will work with the Inner Child Symbol to bring profound healing to this aspect of you.

Day 8- Taking all of the healing throughout time, past, present, parallel and future timelines, into all soul incarnations, throughout your DNA, using the Spirals Symbol 

Day 9- This healing is using the Release Symbol to further dissolve remaining trauma, dense trapped emotions, outdated programming, and stuck patterns and pain traps. 

Day 10- In our final clearing-focused healing, bringing in the Attune Symbol which uses vibration to dissolve dense frequencies from your physical body and energy bodies. 

Day 11- Working with the Reset Symbol to create a new energetic setpoint, preparing you for the activations to come, to create your new reality.

Day 12- Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of your past painful experiences and patterns, the Rise Symbol will support you as you rise up into a higher version of yourself

Day 13- The Connect Symbol is featured in this healing, to connect you to the most optimal people, information and opportunities, to guide you into your highest timeline

Day 14- We will activate the Possibilities Symbol in your energy field, working with your individual intentions, to call in divinely aligned possibilities. 

Day 15- Today we work with the Divine Aspect Symbol to connect you more completely with the highest aspect of your soul, to ensure what you are co-creating is truly aligned and in your highest good. 

Day 16- Bringing in the Install Symbol to activate and install the belief programming and pure intent required for creating your intentions into your physical reality. 

Day 17- Activating the Calibrate Symbol to calibrate to your desired intentions, all the way down to the cellular level. 

Day 18- The Frequency Finder Symbol will locate and activate within you the frequencies that are an energetic match to your desired intentions. 

Day 19- Connecting you with and activating the Wishes Fulfilled Symbol, which brings in the specific energetic codes connected to your aligned desired intention. 

Day 20- Prepare to move into the next level of your life experience with the Quantum Leap Symbol.

Day 21- We will work with the Attune + Illuminate & Create + Anchor Symbols to attune you to CREATING your intentions NOW, sending those signals out into the quantum field, and anchoring into your 3D, physical reality.