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Power & Protection

 A powerful video with 30 minutes of deep healing, as well as tools and practices to keep your vibration as high as possible! 
✨ 6 Downloadable Audios to support you in cleansing your energy, protecting your field, and raising your vibration:

🎶 Clearing you body & energy field: Cleanse your field of any unwanted dense, unwanted energy you’re holding on to, lighten up your physical and energetic bodies, and restore your field to a peaceful, grounded state.

🎶 Powerful Protection Audio: Wrap yourself in an (energetic) cloak of protection and keep your energy field sovereign! Think of this like placing a powerful, energetic force-field of sage around you. Especially helpful for empaths and highly sensitive people.

🎶 Empowerment Activation: Reclaim your power and step into greater confidence, authenticity, and freedom.

🎶 30 minute healing for clearing, protection, and empowerment: A powerful, deep healing to reset your field, protect your energy, and empower your truth.

🎶 Morning Set Up Audio: A short guided practice you can do every morning to start your day in a beautiful way and keep your energy clear, protected and high vibrational.

🎶 Sleep Peaceful Audio: A short guided practice you can do every night before bed to reset your energy, come back home to your heart, and sink into a restorative sleep to keep your energy clear, protected and high vibrational.

 BONUS HEALINGS: 4 Sacred Wealth Virtues recordings to help you get into alignment with your ability to create a flow of wealth and abundance in your life. These recordings are from one of my most popular courses, Sacred Wealth Virtues, and are designed to clear your blocks to abundance while activating your ability to create all of the magic you desire (and more!). They’re the perfect compliment to the cleansing, protecting, and empowering audio healings, building upon them to help you create a tangible reality that mirrors your internal vibration of love, peace and beauty.